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Raynes Park Raynes Park - Highly Recommended  

Raynes Park is very nice to live in. I have lived there for the last 9 years having lived around the UK. It provides an easy access to Wimbledon town centre and village, Kingston, Sutton and London. Transport facilities are very good with easy access to trains, buses and the tube. Easy access to Heathrow/Gatwick (40 min by car) and has a slightly more affordable but good housing than Wimbledon.

If you have children then there is plenty of schools to choose from (state and private), sport facilities (David Lloyd and other gyms), parks including Wimbledon common and Richmond park, cinema and theatre (Wimbledon).

It feels safe!

In other words: Highly recommended

Hope this helps

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Raynes Park Not bad, but getting better  

I live pretty close to the station and all in all the area is getting better. There are now two good places to eat (Ace -cafe thai style and the Aviary) the pubs are still not brilliant. HOwever, you have to rememeber that you are only a short walk from Wimbledon and the Village. Two other benifits are that you are on a very fast line into Waterloo amd you are close to the A3 which is a great weekend excape route. Shopping is simple if you chose Kingston (easy via Bus route 57 and 131) or for those with bigger purses High St Kensington can be reached via the district line; however as my funds are limited I rarely go there! I hope this helps.

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Raynes Park 2  

I've lived in Raynes Park for 42 years. So far, so good.

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